Sunshine Crystal River: The most-hunted project of the elite

The Sunshine Group’s luxury project – Sunshine Crystal River now is hunted by the elite who want to live in Hanoi.

The west area of Ho Tay (West Lake) is identified as the “golden land” of Hanoi. For a long time, successful businessmen, intellectuals, and social status people have converged here, forming a upper class community.

With a prime location in west area of Ho Tay, adjacent to the Ciputra golf driving range, Sunshine Crystal River – the opening project of Sunshine Sky Villas aerial villas, creates a revolution for the resort trend in the inner city which is making a big attraction on the Vietnamese and international real estate market.

Sunshine Crystal River – the opening project of Sunshine Sky Villas aerial villas

Refining the essence of villas, Duplex, Penthouse, the Sunshine Crystal River aspires to create new “super class” living standards with private swimming pool, private garden, private elevator hall and so on.

In addition, the project also composed of other advanced facilities such as: department store, green square, BBQ garden, indoor golf, interactive virtual game, fitness center, spa, international standard home healthcare service, private garage or special personal assistance system (Concierge service) which only available at most luxurious hotels.

Residents of Sunshine Crystal River can enjoy a peaceful place but not separate from the modern life outside, because with only one touch on smartphone, all requirement of the owner’s life will be met thanks to the integration of 4.0 technology in every corner of the apartment.

Just like the name of the project, each apartment is like a transparent crystal with expensive view, the ‘unique’ furniture from luxury brands and “4.0 utilities” such as multi-layer security system 24/7, Sunshine Pay e-wallet, Sunshine Cab calling application, face recognition elevator, remote controlled infrared receiver, air conditioner, curtains.

Beside the luxurious and modern facilities, the attractiveness of Sunshine Crystal River also come from the fact that this is the most diversified luxury project complex in Hanoi composed of duplex, sky villas, isolated villas and commercial shop houses. All those factors creates a high- class private residential compound in the heart of the cultural capital of Hanoi.

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