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    Sunshine Crystal River entirely inherits the luxurious amenities equipped within Sunshine Group invested projects, such as: the first-ever international inter-school in Hanoi, golf course, tennis yard, hypermarket, luxurious shophouse chains, etc. in combination with more amenities within the site. All of these feature top-notch and high-class living experiences that are exclusive to modern residence communities.


    1. Internal swimming pools
    2. Volleyball court
    3. BBQ Area
    4. Hawaii Garden
    5. Children’s Playgrounds
    6. Communal houses, libraries
    7. Multi-purpose Gymnasium
    8. Chess clubs
    9. S-Coffee
    10. Restaurants of Asian, European and Vietnamese cuisines
    11. S-Bakery
    12. S-Mart
    1. S-Spa
    2. S-Fitness
    3. Digital entertainments
    4. Mineral swimming pools for all seasons
    5. Maple Bear Preschool
    6. Green Tree Square
    7. Shopping centers
    8. Overflow swimming pools on the 2nd floor
    9. Interactive virtual games
    10. Basket court
    11. Mini football field
    12. Tennis Court

      25. Walking gardens on the1st floor

      26. Walking gardens between the floors

      27. Table tennis club

      28. Indoor golf course

      29. Five-star home health care center

      30. Shophouses (with a variety of businesses)

      31. Gym, Yoga Area

      32. Sky Walkway

      33. Sky Walkway

      34. S-server: luxurious car service, internal delivery, hourly housekeeping, five-star home healthcare services

    Hourly Car Service
    Inter-level School
    Internal Delivery
    Hourly Housekeeping Service
    Five-star home healthcare services
    Interactive virtual games