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The "Silk Road" connecting the East and the West to this day is still ongoing, with cultural exchanges from two-way. And on those “roads” connecting the East and the West, the Sunshine Crystal River is a bright spot, an option for global citizens but still not forgets their core values and foundations. !
On the famous fashion street Via Montenapoleone - where close together is the shop of the world famous Italian fashion brands such as Valentino, Prada, a man with black hair, yellow skin is talking to a blonde, blue-eyed girl about his new fashion projects. You may think that the man is from China or Japan or a country other than Vietnam. But in fact, that man is most likely a Vietnamese. All you need to do is step forward and ask: “Sorry, are you from Vietnam? ”, And you will get the answer.

Global Vietnamese is no longer a new phrase. Not long ago, on TED there was an interesting video with the content: China is becoming the 2nd largest English speaking country in the world. However, with what is happening from the China - USA trade war and the fact that Vietnam is the B option for many global brands, believes that Vietnam will be in the Top 10 English speaking countries in the world soon. It is these things that will bring about new housing needs. New-generation global citizens of Vietnam will have very different needs from their parents. They will want their homes to match the lifestyle they are familiar with in the process of working and integrating with the world. If previously, the houses on the ground and the street were the choice of Vietnamese people with financial conditions, then now the Houses in the project areas, which are confidential and protected, heighten privacy are the choice of a generation of young Vietnamese who are global citizens. An informal survey of Vietnam to Gen Z and Millenials has concluded: “Young Vietnamese like to live in project areas because of their safety, and can bring them a new and modern lifestyle.”
Indochine living room
Indochine living room
Indochine living room


The needs of the new generation of global citizens of Vietnam lie in the Skyvillas of Sunshine Crystal River. With the Sunshine Crystal River Skyvillas, customers will still have the space of a two-storey ground house, a spacious balcony like a garden in the cloud, allowing them to admire the panoramic view of the city every night when night falls. There, they will have the joy of “looking across the sky” and admiring the city at their feet. Specifically, customers will get two options for Indochine style and one option for Modern style.

“The project with interior is the result of a collaborative process between Sunshine Group - and Progetto Lusso Industrial Cluster, an Italian association of units specializing in the production of crafts. Sunshine Group’s goal is to bring customers unique interior options, helping customers re-enact the old spirit and values of Vietnamese people but with new and unique perspectives, modern, integration with the international”


Inspired by old houses in Hanoi

Focusing on the white gray, blush gold and brown shades of wood, this option will be new and impressive representation of favorite quiet style for Vietnamese houses. At first glance, the house gives people a sense of a modern living space but when going into details, it is still possible to see the points inspired by the old Hanoi houses. Those are the balustrades and marble details with black and white. Or it could be a stylized chandelier detail from the shapes of the yin-yang tile roofs in houses of ancient Vietnamese people.

This detail is repeated, creating a seamless accent in the interior structure of the house with interlocking details of fish scales. The curtains, screens separating and separating the spaces, though inspired by the blinds of the old Hanoi houses, still show creativity in the spirit of integration with the world of the apartment owner.

Lliving room
Lliving room
Lliving room
Lliving room


Inspired by the leafy Phan Dinh Phung street

A perfect representation of Indochina architecture in the air. The Skyvillas of Sunshine Crystal River are decorated with three main colors: white, black and green. It easily reminds people of the houses on Phan Dinh Phung street. Entering the house, ceiling fan details are one of the decorative highlights, reminiscent of a Hanoi with sultry summer noises in the memory of the global Vietnamese rather than for cooling. The railing details are the stylization of cupboards and antique wooden furniture that Hanoians always remember but cannot find. In the apartments, the details of the wooden pillars with bent gates in the style of colonial architecture further remind the owners of the apartments about their connection with the original values of sustainability.

Indochine living room
Indochine living room
Indochine living room
Bath room


Inspired by the Italian spirit

Modern design and international style are featured with leather and marble furniture, but the layout of this option still shows the interference between Vietnamese and international architectural designs. And this is also a lot of people used to laugh when reading Italian Mind of Beppe Servergnini. That's how to handle soft curves, combined with large and wide windows, glass doors to take advantage of the sunlight. On the balcony of all three options is a jacuzzi.

This will be the place where the owner of the apartment will return home every day to relax, or to sit and listen to children's stories while waiting for dinner. In the house, the marble details with natural stone veins bring elegance and an international style often appear in luxury yachts. The pillars somewhat refer to works in the Jazz Age period but at the same time it also brings familiarity because it was part of the houses of the French colonial period.

Ban công
Ban công
living room
living room
swimming pool
bed room
phòng khách

The idea of a house that will hold the values, the heritage of the family of the previous generation of Vietnamese has been shown by global Vietnamese citizens in a new and stylish way and worth living like never before.

What about you, why don’t you contact Sunshine Crystal River immdiately to discover a new bright spot on the silk journeys, bringing Vietnamese people to the world but not so losing the values old originals? Sunshine Crystal River is waiting for you!


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