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    About Us

    Formerly a software – automation developer at home and abroad for nearly two decades ago, Sunshine Group has risen to become a multidisciplinary economic corporation. Specially business investment in real estate has become a core and key area. With the principle of “Speak Truth – Make Real – Create Real Value”, Sunshine Group is gradually affirming and enhancing its position in the market, becoming the leading belief symbol in all areas of operation.In the field of real estate, Sunshine’s projects are all luxurious-class, unique in architecture and highly technical requirements in construction, meticulous in choosing high-end materials to create aesthetic only in Sunshine Group.At the same time, We also always ensure the highest quality of life for residents, and a potential investment opportunity for partners.

    Success in Apartment segment

    In September 2016, Sunshine Group made a mark on the Hanoi real-estate market at the same time launching 4 large-scale projects with a total investment of up to 8000 billion, 3,000 high-class apartment buildings. Especially, these 4 projects are located in prime locations right in the inner center of the city such as Sunshine Palace (Hoang Ma district), Sunshine Garden (Hai Ba Trung district), Sunshine Riverside (Nhat Tan – Tay Ho district), Sunshine Center ( Pham Hung street).

    Step In 2017, Sunshine Group launched Sunshine City – the most luxurious project in West Side area with a scale of nearly 100 villas, adjacent to 6 towers of high-class gild furniture. At the same time, Sunshine Group also announced that it will build Sunshine Boulevard to become the highest tower in Thanh Xuan – Ha Dong (up to present time) – one of the three hot spots to create “golden triangle real estate”  of Hanoi over last time.

    Also in 2017, Sunshine expanded its business into Ho Chi Minh City in Thu Thiem Urban Area or Nguyen Huu Tho Street (District 7) to prepare to build high-end urban complexes.

    Launching of a series of projects with prime locations, rapid construction progress, outstanding work quality, providing the market with about 10,000 apartments with a total investment of over 20,000 billion VND, by the end of 2017, Sunshine Group was in the Top 10 best real estate developers voted by Realtimes – the leading prestigious magazine among professionals. In early 2018, Sunshine Group was honored to be in the ranking of 100 strong brands in Vietnam organized by Vietnam Economic Times in collaboration with the Department of Trade Promotion (Ministry of Industry and Trade).

    The biggest difference of Sunshine Group is the thinking of building a Sunshine ecosystem with the focus of “electronic residents”, stemming from the desire to create smart products to be interacted with people.  They are smart and security control devices in apartments

    At the same time, Sunshine’s housing is not only just a place to stay but also where residents enjoy and experience all the utilities provided by Sunshine. Sunshine Mart (Commercial and e-commerce system), Sunshine Pay (e-wallet, direct payment gateway), Sunshine Cab (smart call and booking application), Sunshine Service (interactive application to resolve Any questions of residents), Sunshine School (The school system pays tuition by e-wallet).

    Creating an impression in the resort segment

    Being successful in the residential segment in Hanoi and other provinces across the country, Sunshine group started to embark on a resort race by the Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay project in the late of 2018. This project pioneered the integration of the world famous Integrated Resort model into Vietnam

    Not only a place to rest is merely a place to stay, with a total investment of up to VND 10 trillion, but Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay also owns luxury 5-star luxury apartments, with utility systems. Multi-experience complex (including Sky Bar, Lighting Show, infinity pool, seaplane, theater, casino, marina, aquarium, Disney Land …) combined with complex areas with space open with sophisticated design.

    Inspired by the Integrated Resort model, which has been very successful in many countries around the world. Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay is an ideal model for the definition of “Future Architecture.” along with technology trend 4.0. By the time it will be a place for people to rest, relax and enjoy the full and sublimated life.

    For more information, please visit Sunshine Group’s website at: sunshinegroup.vn