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    Modelled after a series of prosperous cities, known as the Asian Dragons such as Shanghai, Singapore, Seoul and the like, with a unique, water-view and riverside location following fengshui principles, a state-of-the-art metropolitan area under the new standards for luxurious stay is embodied in Sunshine Crystal River. The project is located in the prime central location that embraces a mountainous, beach-view site instilling a lively spirit and fortune to the residents.

    Located right in the “golden” location within the premise of Ciputra Hanoi, a newly-established economic and administrative center in the capital of Hanoi. Sunshine Crystal River possesses an ideal location for prosperity, from fengshui perspective, in close proximity to Red River and the water strip within the project area, offering a unique fengshui position that brings about wealth and fortune to high-class owners.


    Inspired by Oriental luxurious and prestigious lifestyle yet embracing family values, the wonders of Sky Villas at Sunshine Crystal River are nestled within a large area, optimizing common and separate spaces with design for each generation in large families.

    From Unlimited View

    Collecting the dawn from the horizon, dreamy with the sunset, enjoying the peace or watching the crowded people lines at the feet ... the feelings can only be found in the Sky Villas of Sunshine Crystal River - one The world of modern life, luxurious, distinct and enjoyable

    Completely Private
    Multi-layer security 24/7

    Multi-layer security system 24/7 with elevator system select destination and identify the face of the owner to bring space, privacy, security, absolute safety for each peaky resident


    Situated right within Ciputra Urban Area, the living center of the most elite and modern communities, Sunshine Crystal River inherits benefits from existing facilities in the area in combination with other luxurious amenities within Sunshine Group invested projects for experiences of luxurious and premium living styles.